Who We Are

Our company provides outsourcing services which are primarily in graphic design.

We provide creative solutions for large and small companies (corporate design, editorial design,

advertising, web design, communication design, product packaging and signage).

We are based in Denver, CO and we are a partner company with MediaLevel LLC located in Montenegro, Europe.
We have many years of experience in graphic design and many satisfied clients all over the world.




It is well known that one of the major assets a company can have is its employees. One of the most important roads and key to success is to employ smart people that are good at what they are doing. If these people are successfully managed, a company can compensate its employees at a fair rate and plus turn a profit that is of course directly depended on the difference between expenses and revenue.Even though we like to define our employees as assets, they come at a certain expense. It is very hard to turn a profit in today’s high competitive environment and there are many solutions that help businesses reduce their expenses.
One of the usual ways to do this is to increase the reliance of software that brings the number of employees down, or if there is a physical dependency required, companies outsource work into countries that have lower living standards.
Smaller companies usually have a problem purchasing the software because it is pricey, and they are not willing to risk a large sum of money for something like this because better results and smaller number of employees are not guaranteed. Therefore, most businesses resort to outsourcing some of their work.

Most of the companies outsource to India or China. Bigger corporations open physical companies overseas and hire their own people and manage them in a certain way that is most appropriate for their business models.
Yet again, smaller companies are struggling to find companies to outsource their work to.
If they are in luck to find one, it is well known that language and cultural barriers are huge, so the communication is very difficult and it is hard to come to a mutual understanding. Even if some companies overcome this problem, there is always a fear of reliability.
It is difficult to rely your business for Indian or Chinese company to handle, and that you don’t know anything about. There is no way to know who is working on your projects and if they are working under proper working conditions, and for the matter of fact, there is no way to know if that company is just a middle man, and if the work is being double outsourced.
In other words, they do not allow you to get introduced with their work environment, their employees, employee compensation, working conditions, and their organizational and management structure.


As we understand these problems and in order to help companies overcome those, we went a step further, as we help companies to completely avoid these problems and do business in complete transparency.

We defer on a large scale from outsourcing companies based in India and China because our main offices are located in the US, and the communication process is on a much more professional level since we are physically present at both locations.

If you even need anything ,or you have any questions or inquiries, just pick up a phone and call us! We are not in a different country; we are your next door neighbor!


If you are looking to outsource some work that is not mentioned on our website, please feel free to contact us. We work in various fields of business and we have partners all over the world. Therefore, we would be more than happy to give you a quote on pretty much anything.

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